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Mulberry leaf extract

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Mulberry leaf extract
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Mulberry leaf extract
Mulberry leaf extract
  Mulberry Leaf,Folium Mori.The name of traditional Chinese medicine is the dry leaf of mulberry,which is the daily food of silkworms.It is also known as mulberry,jingsan,mulberry,yellow mulberry leaf and so on.The main food of silkworms.Intact leaves ovate or broadly ovate,leaf base heart-shaped,apex slightly pointed,margin serrated,veins dense white pubescent.Old leaves are thick and dark green.The tender leaves are thin and yellowish green.The quality is crisp and easy to grasp.The breath is thin and the taste is slight and bitter.
  Medicinally,it is generally believed that those who pick after frost are of better quality.Mulberry leaf has the function of evacuation wind heat,clearing lungs and dryness,clearing liver and eyes.And have the effect that treats wind heat cold,lung heat dryness cough,giddy headache,eye is red faint.In 2014,some people made the buds of mulberry leaf into a dish,which made mulberry leaf have the value of food therapy.Because of the rich nutritional value of mulberry leaf's buds,it is popular among the public,and it is called mulberry vegetable.In addition,the mulberry buds of the national silk cultural park in jili village in nanxun are the most outstanding.Considering the irrigation of water through zhuwan,the microelements of mulberry leaves are much higher than those of normal mulberry buds.
  The basic information  
  [English name]:Mulberry Leaf
  [nickname]:jiasan,jingsan,mulberry,yellow mulberry leaves
  [usage]:dried mulberry leaves
  [product characteristics]:yellow green or light yellow brown
  [product specification]:10:1
  [detection methods]:TLC and UV
  Application effect
  Mulberry leaf is the dry leaf of mulberry.After first frost collect,remove impurities,bask in the sun and get,it is a kind of diverging wind hot medicine,can take inside already,also can exterior apply.Its nature is cold,sweet taste,bitter,have the effect of evacuation wind heat,clear lung embellish dryness,clear liver bright eyes,can treat wind heat cold,lung heat dry cough,dizziness headache,eyes red and dim.
  Modern Chinese and western medicine USES mulberry leaf and mulberry leaf biologics as drugs to improve diabetes and other complicated diseases,which are considered to be extremely effective.Have clear lung embellish dryness,stop cough,remove heat,reduce phlegm,cure night sweats;Tonify liver,clear liver,treat dizziness,insomnia,eliminate eye fatigue;Detumescence and blood clearing treatment of dysentery,abdominal pain,weight loss,removal of beriberi,benefit large,small intestine;Anti-stress,cool blood,lower blood pressure,lower blood fat,prevent myocardial infarction,cerebral hemorrhage,remove headache,long hair;Hypoglycemia,anti-sugar disease,etc.