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Semen Hoveniae extract

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Semen Hoveniae extract
Semen Hoveniae extract
  Type:Herbal Extract
  Hovenia acerba
  Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
  100%(100 ml of water dissolve 20 g)
  1.Anti Hangover medicine,counteracts acute alcohol intoxication and withdrawal symptoms,Have the effect of sedative sober.
  2.Have fight lipid peroxidation and lower blood pressure and action.
  3.Used for Anti-Alcohol Supplement,drink,Anti-Alcohol Tea etc.
  Alcohol intoxication has long been a prevalent phenomenon worldwide and is one that has led to severe problems,physically,economically,and socially.Acute alcoholic intoxications caused by a single episode of excessive drinking may give rise to acidosis,potential heart failure,and autonomic and cerebral dysfunction,which ultimately leads to respiratory depression.
  In wake of the increasing alcohol consumption,people’s demands for favorable medications against alcoholic intoxication have thereupon become strengthened in the past decades.In some western countries,a great number of synthetic drugs have been developed,nevertheless,serious existing side effects,such as addiction and behavior disorder,significantly limit their clinical usage.However,Asian countries,particularly China,pay more attention to the application of natural medicines.Traditional Chinese medicines have been used safely and effectively to treat alcoholic intoxication for over two millennia due to the special features and satisfying efficacy.Natural medicines can be used exclusively or in combination,as each single herb or complex prescription contains a great variety of effective components,which presents a wide range of therapeutic spectra to various targets,thus gradually recovers the physical condition.Nowadays,several classic traditional single formulas,such as Semen Hoveniae,Radix Puerariae,Flos Puerariae,Fructus Schisandrae,Radix Glycyrrhizae,and Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae,in addition to complex formulas like“Hai-Wang-Jin-Zun,”“Ge-Hua-Jie-Cheng-Tang,”“Zhi-Ge-Yin,”“Xiao-Chai-Hu-Tang,”“Shi-Gao-Tang,”and“Wu-Lin-San”are still being used for treating alcohol intoxication.
  Product advantages:
  1.Origin of raw material resources-Organic
  2.Product quality and price advantage
  3.free sample
  4.long term stable supply www.akhep.com
  Packaging:1kg~5kg/aluminum foil vacuum bag;25kg/drum.
  Or as per your requirement
  Storage:Store in a cool,dry and and well-sealed container;
  Keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
  Shelf Life:2 years if properly stored.