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  Product Name:Bergenin
  English Name:Bergeninum
  Latin Name:Bergenia purpurascens(Hook.F.et Thoms.)Engl.
  Category:Standard Herb Extracts
  Synonym:Bergenit、Vakerin、Arolisic acid B、Ardisic acid B、Corylopsin、Cuscutin、Peltaphorin
  CAS No:477-90-7
  Molecular formula:C14H16O9
  Molecular weight:328.27
  Description:This for white loose acicular crystallization or crystalline powder;Does not have smelly,taste pain;Meets the light or hot gradually changes color.
  Action and Uses:The town coughs dispels phlegm,remove sputum and treat chronic bronchitis.
  Health benefits of using Bergeninum supplements
  Weight loss enthusiasts have been publishing blogs and other publications to advertise Bergeninum as a potential weight loss aid but among scientists,Bergeninum is more than just a weight loss aid.Some of the other benefits of Bergeninum include the following:
  1.It helps eliminate phlegm
  Accumulation of phlegm in the lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract can impede effective breathing and result to infections in the respiratory tract.
  Experts say that Bergeninum supplementation may effectively eliminate phlegm and control microbial growth in the respiratory tract.
  2.It may prevent pulmonary heart disease
  Pulmonary heart disease is a cardiac-respiratory condition which results in the backflow of blood in the ventricles of the heart.This can be fatal when not treated.In one study,it was found that Bergeninum supplementation is an effective solution for the condition in the early stages of the disease process.
  3.It may help treat asthma
  Asthma or the constriction of alveoli in the lungs can result to difficulty of breathing.In some instances,it may result to death,especially when left untreated.By improving air circulation in the respiratory tract,Bergeninum effectively treats asthma.
  Bergeninum primarily works in the metabolism system as well as in the respiratory tract.It is useful for many modern adults who are suffering from weight gain.
  Packing Detail:Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.
  Storage:Store in cool and dry places.Keep away from strong light
  Packing:Packing:25kg/fiber drum;inner package:two double plastic bags or aluminum foil bag.
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