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Epimedium extract

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Epimedium extract
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Epimedium extract
Epimedium extract
  Epimedium(scientific name:Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.),perennial herbaceous plants,plant 20--60 cm tall,short rhizomes thick,dark brown,two to three out of the compound leaf base and cauline,with a long handle,leaflets papery or thick papery,margin with tooth,flowers white or pale yellow,flowering may and June,fruiting six to eight months.
  The herba epimedium is located in the undergrowth of hops,in the thickets of gullies,or in the dank of slopes,at an altitude of 650-3500 m.Cultivation is available in shaanxi,gansu,shanxi,henan,qinghai,hubei,sichuan and other areas of China.
  Herba epimedium is used medicinally.Treatment of impotence premature ejaculation,backache leg pain,numbness of limbs,paraplegia,neurasthenia,forgetfulness,tinnitus,vertigo,etc.
  The basic information  
  [English name]:Epemidium P.E.(Icariin)
  [extraction site]:this product is the dry aboveground parts of epimedium epimedium,epimedium epimedium
  [main ingredients]:icariin single/diglycoside 10-98%
  [specification]:icariin 10%-98%;Extract 10:1,20:1,30:1
  [appearance]:brown powder
  [C A S number]:489-32-7
  [solubility]:soluble in ethanol,ethyl acetate,pyridine,insoluble in ether,benzene,chloroform and acetone
  Application effect
  Herba epimedium-pungent flavor,liver and kidney meridian.For invigorating vital door,invigorating vital qi,strengthening muscles and bones,nourishing kidney and strengthening Yang essential medicine,clinical often used to treat men impotence not lift,slippery essence premature ejaculation,urine can not help women infertility and other diseases.
  Modern studies show that epimedium contains epimedium,volatile oil,waxy alcohol,phytosterol,tannin,vitamin E and other components.It can stimulate sexual function and promote sperm secretion in animals.There are also blood pressure(causing peripheral vasodilatation),blood sugar,diuresis,cough and expectoration,and vitamin e-like effects.Pharmacological experiments show that icariin can increase cardiovascular and cerebral blood flow,promote hematopoietic function,immune function and bone metabolism,and have anti-aging and anti-tumor effects.A new study by medical experts in Singapore found that icariin can effectively kill breast cancer cells,but its clinical application has yet to be further studied.
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