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development history
History--be proud of
Founded on October 25,2010,Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.is a diversified private high-tech plant chemical enterprise specializing in the cultivation,development,extraction,production and sales of natural plants and Chinese medicinal materials.
A brief history of development:
2010:involved in the development,extraction and sale of Chinese medicinal herbs,effective components of plant extracts.The office address is located in five mile town,Ankang.
In 2012:Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.opened its official website and set up a network sales team to expand its market.
2013:Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.factory expansion,the establishment of Xunyang Branch,the opening of both online and offline development model.
2014:the public works are expanding rapidly and the Alibaba online sales platform has been opened.
In 2015,a number of professional technical personnel and testing equipment were introduced to realize the quality control of each batch of products from raw materials to raw materials.The company strictly in accordance with GMP standards to build plant,with advanced production equipment,perfect quality testing system.
In 2016,we have built a strong R&D team and achieved strategic cooperation with many well-known universities at home and abroad;established the strategic direction of enterprise health product solution customization,the company's performance has doubled continuously.
2017:the establishment of Yangling branch.
In 2018,the company launched the Network Promotion Department,established the official Weixin,and launched SNS,Google,Alibaba marketing,and participated in domestic exhibitions:Shanghai CPHI/API,Guangzhou PCHI.
Overseas exhibitions:US SSW,Switzerland VITAFOOD,Korea KAE,Brazil BIAE,Vietnam VIAE exhibition.