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Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.
Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.'s ambitions and aspirations:Haina hundred rivers,Zhi Cungaoyuan
Set up a lofty aspiration,do great things first,preserve ambition,and do things that you are interested in,capable of doing well and valuable.
How big the mind is,how big the cause will be and how big the cause is.
Behavior integrity:honesty,devotion,concentration and innovation
"Honesty"means not deceiving,not deceiving,not hiding,being cautious about promises and promises,and doing your best to achieve them.
"Beloved,"love,love,patriotism,dedication,love,understanding,acceptance,care,help others.
"Concentration",the company focuses on the business and services engaged in,employees focus on their own work down-to-earth diligence.
"Innovation"and"change"are the only unchanged path.Innovation should be carried forward on the basis of inheriting and developing excellent traditions.
Behavior patterns:reaching,seeking,bravery,diligence
Service value chain
The company serves the staff,the staff serves the customer,helps the customer service society,the social progress provides the better growth environment for the company.
The concept of"heart service"for customers
One of the concepts of"heart service":all members of the company sincerely provide services to customers.Sincerity means honesty and hard work to serve the customers as far as possible.This concept binds all employees of the company,from managers,sales,engineers and logistics secretaries,to perform.
Two of the concept of"heart service":all customers are at ease and enjoy the company's services.The so-called reassurance,is the customer to the company's employees at ease,the company's products at ease,the company's after-sales service at ease,the company's technical services at ease.
The concept of"heart service"for employees
"Heart service"concept:the company advocates all levels of management cadres to staff patiently counseling,caring,with love and sincerity to help staff growth;at the same time,staff to the higher leadership of the heart commitment,hard work.
The second concept of"heart service"is to communicate with colleagues and departments in order to serve others,help the process flow smoothly,and create a harmonious office atmosphere of mutual"heart service".
Honesty,devotion,dedication and innovation are the process of accumulation.
We have been working hard.